High-End Jewelry Retouching Service | Basic to Creative Jewelry Edits

Dust, Spot & Reflection Removal
Clean all spots, dust, fingerprints, tints, even tiniest scratches captured by macro lens and make your jewelry image look clear & smooth. Remove reflection to lift up the clarity of your images.

Metal Smoothing
Soften the sharp edges and bring out details from all angles of jewelry photos and enhance the shine of metal parts & stones.

Jewelry Polishing
Get jewelry polishing with high end plugins to perfect the shape, size and texture of the jewelry photos.

Color Adjustment and Fine Tuning of Light
Elevate your images’ professional look by doing color checking and correction with premium tools and adjust the light.We also alter the white balance, brightness & contrast for visually pleasing natural looks.

Background Removal/Editing
Edit background & remove mannequin. We fix any distraction that outshines the glam of your jewelry piece. Because the highlight is always the jewelry that you want to showcase.

Focus Stacking
Get focus stacking done while retouching jewelry as a gift from Perfect Retouching!

Shadow Making & Mirror Effect
Get shadow making and mirror effects and let your image speak by jewelry retouching service experts.

Creative Jewelry Photo Retouching
Make it magical by taking our creative jewelry edits maintaining the authentic look of the piece.

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Jewelry Retouching Service - Bulk Image with Quality

Editing your Jewelry Image load in the best quality is the motivation of our business. We are ready with a proficient team and high quality tools to deliver your order as many as you need. We never disappoint our clients because we know your goals. We complete our task and allow revisions for 100 percent client satisfaction.

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Personalized Jewelry Photo Retouching Facility

Perfect Retouching is open for customized retouching services. We understand you might need some particular editing. So, we have this option for you to spend as you need. You can ask for your specific retouching needs and make a package of your own!

We offer complete jewelry photography retouching services. Our team of highly trained designers is constantly delivering photos following your instructions sharply. We consider your need for revisions and it is done with great care.

Your Trusted Retouching Partner

  • Clipping Path and Background Remove
  • Focus Stacking Free
  • Camera Raw Correction
  • Metal Polishing & Add Clarity to Diamond and Stone
  • Best Pricing for top quality editing
  • Get Real-Time Tracking & Notifications
  • Photoshop Layers File Included
  • Image Copyright Guaranteed
As Low as
$3.99Starting Price

Easy and Reliable Service for Jewelry Photo Editing

Perfect Retouching ensures a hassle-free retouching service for the clients. We maintain our quality of retouching as well as services for steady growth. We strive for good photos that perform for profit hike.

  • Fast turnaround
  • Dedicated designer for projects
  • On-time Big volume delivery
  • Flat rate, no hidden charge
  • Data security
  • Flexible payment method, separate billing profile
  • In-app order, tracking, notifications and delivery
  • 24/7 customer service & in-app live chat

Attract your customer with the crisp photos and keep growing with authentic visuals with Perfect Retouching.

Personalized Jewelry Look

Catch your preferences with our retouching in a unique style.

Gold, diamond, platinum, or pearl, we can make it shine each of your luxury jewels.

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