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Jewellery Retouching Service

Jewellery Image Retouching refers to high-end adjustments to bring out a sparkling look. Its main task is to edit fine jewelry photos such as rings, necklaces, earrings or bracelets more eye-catchy to use images for commercial purposes.

A gloomy and dark photo does not catch the buyers’ attention which needs jewellery editing. Also, buyers will not feel confident to shop jewellery online that does not look attractive. Therefore, photography becomes worthless if the jewelry image does not have any charm to attract the buyer. But, we can take you out of this trouble by providing polished, shiny and sharp images. Therefore, we ensure that you get sparkling and appealing photos so that you make the best outcome.

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Our Retouching Services

  • Accurate color adjustment
  • Fine-tune of light removing scratches
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Remove dark spots on metal, yellow tint from white diamond
  • Add sharpness to diamond and stone
  • Color adjustment for white gold/platinum
  • Reflection shadow for necklaces/rings/earrings and resize images

Therefore, you get attractive and bright photos by our High-End Jewelry Retouching Service.

Why do you need Jewellery Retouch?

After spending a considerable amount of money on Jewelry Photography, you may want it gets your customers' attention; there it comes Photo Retouching Services for high-quality image output.

After photography, post-processing is required to improve the overall image quality, shadow and highlight. However, because metals and gemstones reflect light for their facets, it causes an undesirable blurry look. To get a sharper, cleaner and highlight image, you need a professional photographer, an ambient studio light setup, and expert jewelry image retouching service.

What you get from Perfect Retouching?

  • Clipping Path and Background Remove
  • Focus Stacking Free
  • Metal Polishing
  • Lower Cost on Large Project
  • Add Clarity to Diamond and Stone
  • Get Real-Time Notifications
  • Photoshop Layers File Included
  • Image Copyright Guaranteed
As Low as
$3.99Starting Price

How do we edit jewelry photos

Our skilled retouchers remove any glare apparent on the gem’s face produced by indecent exposure to light. Also, they retouch poor reflection and remove blackish parts by healing brushes for a perfect shiny look.

Our specialized jewellery retouching team works to provide crisp images of luxury gems and stones. They also maintain consistent color and sharpness across the jewelry images and remove unwanted marks and scratches captured by the Jewelry Photography Camera Besides, our designers emphasize manifesting the actual depth of luxury jewellery with its natural color and beauty. Therefore, you can certainly get high-quality images to attract the audience by getting our Jewellery Photo Retouching Service.

Perfection is the main concentration where better output is needed—our expert team retouches all types of jewellery images through our retouching service.

Personalized Jewellery Look

Catch your preferences with our retouching in a unique style.

Gold, diamond, platinum, or pearl, we can make it shine each of your luxury jewels.

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