Ghost Mannequin Photography

Ghost Mannequin Photography: Create 3D Ghost Mannequin Effect

Do you know what is the 2nd best thing for fashion photography? The availability of ghost mannequins. You can use and reuse a ghost mannequin as many times as you want and they are less costly than models. By u Read More

How to Remove Clothes in Photoshop

Complete Tutorial on How to Remove Clothes in Photoshop

Can you remove someone’s clothes with photoshop tools? partially yes, you can. Will it look like a real body underneath? No, it will not. Photoshop can either replace or erase something from the photo. So, by Read More

Furniture Product Photography

Furniture Product Photography: Shoot Large Product Perfectly

Furniture photography is challenging because of its shape, size, and designs. They take up a lot of space and moving them around in locations is quite a hard task. At the same time, you need to focus on perfect Read More