Terms of Services

Entire inside information of our services

1. Intro:

Before you begin to submit your projects or setting up your account with PerfectRetouching, please read the following Terms of Service sincerely. These Terms of Service is a full guide to regularize your access to and enjoy our Photo Enhancing service. This will completely direct you to the liabilities of ours. This also governs you to a binding agreement between you and PerfectRetouching. Here in this note, all the compliances conditions are expressed completely. Notice that any violation of these Terms of Service may lead the agreement terminated. And the liabilities are totally upon you, not PerfectRetouching.

PerfectRetouching believes in Change, hence, time to time alteration of the Terms of Service can be implemented. Please refer to the web page to be updated with the changes. Most importantly you are agreeing to be bound by those changes or update of Terms of Service.

2. Definition:

The terms “us” or “we” or “our” or “PR” means PerfectRetouching, the owner of the Company.

A “Visitor” is someone who had come to our web page through serving the Internet but not registered as a member.

A “Member” is an individual who has registered with us and legal client of ours.

Our “Service” recommends the functionality that we feature on the behalf of our offer through our website to our Members or Client.

A “User” is a referrer who voluntarily offers our services to a Visitor or a Member.

“Content” means all the collection of pictures, data, information and charts offered through our Website to the users, members or clients.

3. Our Services:

The PerfectRetouching Company serves the world with a handful of expertise on Photoshop. We do offer our global client such variety of benefits. Our main job is to enhance the perfection in photographs. Our fundamental services are Jewelry Retouching, Beauty Retouching, Product Photo Retouching, Headshot Retouching Services.

By PerfectRetouching Client Portal, you can upload, download, store photo and submit image link. You have all the rights to use it from anywhere. We don’t complain about the rights of using your verified account from anywhere.

We are loyal to provide our services just according to the photos and instructions submitted by our members. Whenever we receive the submission of the project by users, we start our working. Delivery time may be varied with a number of images and the complexity level of work. Our clients have the opportunity to choose their own delivery time before payment. We deliver the finished images to our clients by email, an FTP, WeTransfer, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

4. Specification and prices:

Prices which offer to our clients sometimes may vary with the price displayed on our website page. As it is we are not always able to disclose our pricing base upon the complexity of the images. As for this reason, our pricing may vary sometimes.

As our rules, you are agreeing to pay for additional, unforeseen work which is are not mentioned on our website page On the contrary, you are advised to adjust any price adjustments before submitting your images. And to be remarked, we reserve the right to cancel the contract at any time.

5. Submission:

As a client, you will submit certain images to PerfectRetouching. We do follow some terms of submission rule to provide better service. At the time of submission you are agreeing that you will NOT post, place or submit any of the following images or material regarded using our Service:

- Any content that pornographic, abusive, inappropriate, harm against any individual or group, provoking racism, unlawful.
- Any material that is sent from an anonymous or false address.
- Any material that is violated by our rules and regulation.
- Any material that is conflicting our publicity, copyrights or other intellectual rights without the permission of our legal rights.
- Any material contains viruses or any code that could be hazardous to our system, functional and designed to interrupt our communication system.
- Any material stimulating abnormal behaviour of a child under the age of 18 or in other word considered as child pornography.
- Any material which may violate other natural resources organizations.
- Any material which is supporting a terrorist organization.

While PerfectRetouching is not responsible for conflicting posts, content, images provided by the members of this company, we have the full rights in its prudence to (1) move, delete or edit the submission (2) take other appropriate action to lighten the misuse of our service.

PerfectRetouching always wants the confirmation of copyright or trademark claims of the submitter. If you as a submitter fail to reclaim the copyright confirmation of the images we will likely to share the information with the governmental organization, law enforcement authorities or other third parties. In the case of a copyright claim, we reserve the right to suspend the viewing, display of any images until the issue has been figured out.

6. My Account:

In consideration of an easy and simple order processing, we have initiated Login portal. Through your “Account”, you can enjoy the simplest way of submitting your order, provide instructions of image editing, payment, upload/download images. Moreover, you can go through the glimpse of Received Jobs, Completed Jobs, Unpaid Invoice, Total Due, Latest Oder, Latest Invoice. For proper maintenance of your Account, you should follow the mentioned schemes:

- Using the Portal is available to You (the use of Your Account is solely dependent on your own risk). You can submit images or files, in any format (JPG. JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PSD, AI, TIF, TIFF, PDF, CRW, CR2, DNG, NEF, RAW, RW2) up to 5 GB. If the file size is bigger than this, you can contact us with a detailed description of specific services that you require along with any special instructions using the Contact Us facility mentioned on the Site.

- After receiving your order details, we will check its details for compliance and mutual agreement for the convenient process. Later, we will notify you by e-mail to confirm the Order and accept it. Acceptance of the Order entails that you are agreed to the applicable payment terms. And we will edit images as per industry standard graphics manipulation tools to carry out the Services and use all reasonable professional endeavour

- We will notify You by email when Your Order has been completed and you are available to download images from your account if payment is completed.

- Unless payment has been made in advance by PayPal, Credit/Debit card or other ways, we will entitle it to invoice. You are bound to complete the payment upon notification of order completion. And complete payment within [07] days, the full amount.

- Every Order submitted by You must be subject to ACCEPTANCE by us. And you are bound to agree that such acceptance may be withheld at Our absolute discretion.

- You may cancel any Order prior to the notification of its acceptance by Us. If you have made any advance payment in respect of that Order, we will refund it. BUT, you can NOT cancel any Order after we have start processing Order. If we have started processing order, it will be commenced as a normal order.

- Delivery time shown on the website or specified in Our acceptance of any Order is the estimation only. We are NOT subject to legal action for any delays in delivery of the images caused by accidental matters beyond our control.

- All standard prices listed on the website are subject to change without prior notice. We are reasonable to any such increase in price before you place your next Order.

7. Payment:

Our prices are quoted in US dollars ($) for customers worldwide and the Euro (€) for customers within Europe. We also accept the Australian Dollar (AUD), British Pound (£).

- We will not start processing images if you have not made payment. Or, in case if we start processing, you MUST make payment before downloading images/final output.
- We process payment through Calif Business LLC (www.califbusiness.com). So your payment would be collected by Calif Business which will be shown in your Paypal account.
- Our price and packages will guide through the reference only.
- Pricing may change according to the complexity of the images. In addition, it depends on the specific requirement of the submitted projects of the clients.

Billing Information:

- We accept payment by PayPal. If you have a PayPal account, you can pay from your account directly. If you have PayPal, there are two possible example
Example 1: You are paying through your Portal account
- Payment is collected by Calif business LLC (in background of Perfect Retouching Portal) which payment details will be shown in your PayPal account
Example 2: You are paying directly from your PayPal account
- In this case, your payment will be sent to Calif Business LLC that makes your payment is completed and received by Perfect Retouching
- If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can pay via debit or credit card directly.
- For bank transfer: You have to send payment to Calif Business LLC that makes your payment is completed and received by Perfect Retouching.
- If you have any payment-related issues, please send us an email: [email protected]

8. Processing Fee:

If the Invoice is equal to or below USD 5.00, the user must pay the processing fee of USD 1.00 including the total invoice price for every order.

For example, if the invoice is $3.00, the user have to pay [$3.00 + $1.00 = $4.00].

No Discount Coupon is valid IF the Invoice is below or equal to USD 10.00.

9. Refund:

In the event you are not satisfied with our work, a refund will NOT be issued.

We will be happy to redo your same photos for free within 30 days of order completion.

For any Layer Output file, no refund will be issued.

Any refund request will be accepted if ONLY the company considers the client's request is valid.

Perfect Retouching Inc. is legally responsible for whether to refund, reduce or increase payment which the client pays.

10. Free trial:

We offer a free trial only for Bulk Image Project

You must provide all the information Full Name, Email, Phone, Country, Total Image in the Project, Instructions. After your details being verified, you will get the completed image with our signature. As we have provided our time, you agree that we may use your free sample and before-after comparison with a photo credit to you in our portfolio/social media. And we do NOT claim any copyright to the completed photos by free trial.

11. Revision policy:

PR provides 3 rounds of revision within days of placing an order. These 3 rounds of revision are free if this action happens within 7 days. Revision should not conflict with the original instruction when you placed an order. After all the 3 rounds of revision, you will be asked to pay more for the service you are asking. And we are NOT making any warranty that our services will provide all your expectation always.

12. Photo replacement:

We do NOT accept photo replacement after the order is placed. If you send the image wrong, you should NOT ask us to edit another photo editing for free as a replacement. And it is your responsibility for the consequences of sending the wrong images. Through any means, you want to replace your photos, you can contact us. And settle the dispute with us. As we want to provide the Flexible.

13. Settlement:

We always offer our client negotiations. Disputes can occur from the beginning of the project to the completing. But we believe in the settlement. You can contact us immediately as you want to settle the pricing for bulk image editing for long-term or project. If there is any dispute, we happily offer our clients' settlement about contractual disputes.

14. Cancellation and Termination of Business:

PerfectRetouching reserves the right to cancel the business order/service or terminate the deal or suspend the account at any time without recourse to the courts.

We will suspend an account or terminate business if we get the proof of it has been used that propose abuse of our service. We will also suspend your account if you are challenging a payment that you have made to us. And asking the cancellation of a running project without an accurate reason will terminate the business.

15. Acknowledgement:

As this Terms of Service may be changed from time to time, you are bound to keep in agreement with the update. You are continued to use PerfectRetouching service by understanding the Terms of Service and any updates. Any violation of these arrangements may result in termination of your account and project.