How to Merge Layers in Illustrators

How to Merge Layers in Illustrator: with Grouping & Combining

Grouping, merging, and combining do not work the same way in Illustrator. Grouping will help you move objects easily in the Artboard. Merging will make your life easier by letting you find layers on the same la Read More

Twin Newborn Photoshoot Ideas

Portray Bond With Creative Twin Newborn Photoshoot Ideas

Can I be honest? Twin babies are the cutest thing on earth. They play, cry, revolt, share food, grow, and develop together. It’s like they are two peas in a pod. Though photographing them is a hard job be Read More

Invert Selection in Photoshop

Learn How to Invert Selection in Photoshop Full Tutorial

To make the images look mesmerizing and flawless, editing and manipulation is necessary. Often, we need to remove things from the background to make the objects look sharp and crisp. And, knowing how to i Read More