Diamond Photography

Capture Enchanting Beauty with Pro Diamond Photography

Frances Gerety said, "A diamond is forever." It is a valuable stone everyone wants to attain because it can make your day and bring a smile instantly. But how do you capture a diamond's unique beauty in your ca Read More

Best Headshot Photographers Thriving in Industry

Best Headshot Photographers Thriving in Industry & Why

A headshot is a professional portrait where you put a face to your brand to promote your business and do personal branding. It may look simple, making you feel like they are the easiest photography to do, howev Read More

Theatrical vs Commercial Headshot

Theatrical vs Commercial Headshot: Similarity & Difference

What are the theatrical and commercial headshots' similarities and differences? I will clear it for you. An actor needs to take both theatrical and commercial headshots for their portfolio but the poses, lighti Read More