Can You Wear Jewelry In Passport Photo? A Guide To Do’s & Don’t's in Passport Photo

Can You Wear Jewellery In Passport Photo

Unlike your insta clicks, your passport photo is a formal document. You need to ensure a photo that clearly shows up your face profile exactly as it is. You need to be identified and recognized with that document.
So, when you ask can you wear jewelry in your passport photo? It is a YES! You can as long as you are showing your face head to chin, ears, and eyes clearly. Wearing any headpiece is not allowed since it may hide your background. A white background needs to be seen in your passport-style photograph.

Wear Jewellery in Passport Photo the Right Way

Wearing jewelry in a passport photo is allowed. But you need to understand that jewelry should not manipulate your facial features. And how is that? Well, some jewelry may conceal your face or cast a shadow that creates a visual illusion. Sometimes it may cover your face or interrupt good visibility. So, you must avoid such pieces that create a problem to identify with your real face.

Jewelry to avoid in passport photo:

  • Don’t wear big jewelry. Big pieces of jewelry can become an obstacle to concentrate on facial features. So, you have to avoid bigger ornaments in passport photos.
  • Avoid shiny jewelry in a passport photo. Sparkly or Shiny pieces that reflect and create shiny effects in the photo should be totally not used in passport photos.
  • Take off headpiece jewelry like a crown, tiara, or anything that draws attention and covers the white background for your passport photo.

A quite common question asked is, can you wear a piercing in a passport photo? For example, nose piercing; that’s acceptable. But subtle jewelry using your sense of proportion is good. For example, it could be a tiny ear top instead of large earrings in passport photo. A small chain instead pictures of necklaces is suitable in ID photos.

Dress Sense for Passport/Visa/ ID Photo

Know that you need to take a passport-sized photograph with a white background. So, to choose a dress always go for a color contrasting with a plain background. Going for a plain dress is the best choice.


You cannot wear a costume or any uniform for your passport unless there is a special reason.

Regarding hats or headscarves, no you can’t wear a hat in your passport photo. You have to show your hairline. Hair covering is allowed but that needs to clearly show your hairline, ears, nose, chin, and lips so that you can be identified easily. I would suggest you confirm the photo requirement to avoid any consequences

Some other queries we see floating around regarding passport photos are; can I wear glasses in Passport Photo? Can I wear a hat in passport photo? Well, let’s put it in a simple way, a passport photo is a formal photo, and wearing informal accessories does not go with it. Glasses may reflect blue light and hence can’t show your eye details properly, so better just take them off for a while. And certainly, sunglasses are a big no since they cover your eyes. On an important note, you should also put off your contact lenses while taking passport photos.

  • Anything you need to keep on or use for a medical or special cause that is not allowed in passport photos might need to be signed by you in a statement.
  • Tell your photographers or photo editors not to remove or hide your birthmark, or blemishes in your passport photo


Remember that your passport photo is a color photo. So try to be gentle and neutral in choosing your attire. You can save some of the fancy jewelry or captivating filters for your insta poses. But, for passport photos, visa photos, ID photos keep your natural look for trouble-free identification.

And thus you eliminate the chances of getting your passport photos rejected. This is our little guide in response to the query Can You Wear Jewelry In a Passport Photo? Hope you got your answer!


Can I have a permanent tattoo in Passport Photo?
Yes, you can have your permanent tattoos in passport photos.
Can I wear makeup in my passport photo?
Yes, you can wear natural makeup on your face but that shouldn’t be too loud. Colorful lipstick, prominent eye makeup, and a contoured face are not acceptable since they might not resemble your bare face.
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