How Much Do Headshots Cost- from Affordable to Premium

Headshot Photography Pricing

Headshots are a specific type of image that is taken for professional use. These are the primary marketing images that you take with confidence and approachability to convey your brand's image. So, it needs to look formal at the same time very comfortable to make the audience feel that they can approach you easily with their need.

So, it was the purpose of the headshot but how much do headshots cost? Any good professional-looking headshot images start around $100-$1500 but depending on the type and photographer's experience, the prices will vary. So, read this article to know the cost of a professional headshot.

How Much Do Headshots Cost

The cost of headshot photography depends on the photographer's experience. While the newbies can charge from $100, the experienced well-known photographers can charge up to $1500.

NOTE: The prices I will tell you here are tentative and to give you an idea to bargain with the photographer. They may vary from photographer to photographer and clients' requirements. So, consult with them regarding the charges first.

Beginner Headshot Photographers ($100-$250)

If you see that headshot photographers charge $100-$250, understand that either they are newbies or just started their business so they are charging less to promote their business and get customers.

If the photographers have just started taking headshots, they will not be very good at taking them. They will not be able to direct you, will not be able to capture your best angles, and will not be able to understand your brand’s requirements. They may not even know the difference between a headshot and a portrait.

On the other hand, if the photographer has just started his/her business in headshot photography, they might be good at taking headshot photos but check out their portfolio first. If the portfolios consist of normal headshot images that anyone can capture or if they do not have enough images, rethink on hiring them. Because Your headshots will carry your brand with you, it must be flawless.

Beginner Headshot Photographers

Professional Headshot Photographers ($250-$800)

These photographers are experienced, professional headshot photographers. They are skilled in this field and do it for a living. Can take excellent headshots and properly portray your brand and they are usually recommended by people. So, do your research and consultation before hiring them. If you want to try any poses or have any angle that you look the best, tell them and they will take the best image for you. Also, check their portfolio to get an idea about their photography style.

Well-Known Headshot Photographers ($800-$1500)

Famous headshot photographers charge higher than professionals. They usually charge from $800-$1500 or up because they are popular for their work. And the reason these photographers charge so much is because they have been in the field for a long time. They are excellent in their work. They have different clothing options, have great photography skills in both natural and studio lighting, have assistants and makeup artists, and can guide you well while capturing great headshots for your brand.

Also, their portfolio speaks for themselves. So, check out their portfolio for samples and get ideas.

Well-Known Headshot Photographers

Now, let me tell you how you can understand if a headshot photographer is professional and knows the purpose behind the headshot photography. If they ask “What are your brand’s requirements?”, you will understand that they care about your brand and want to capture a picture according to it.

Headshot Prices of Types Individually

We have talked about headshot costs based on the photographer’s experience but they can also be priced based on headshot types. For example, if you tell a photographer you want to capture corporate headshots, they charge you based on that. However, the prices are negotiable.

Note: The prices mentioned below can be different based on the photographer and instructions. So, have a clear consultation with the photographer before booking a schedule.

Indoor/Studio Headshot

The price range can go from $125 to $500 or more. It depends on the photographer and the time. If you go to his studio and the session takes a short time like 15-20minutes, it will cost less but if the photographer has to travel to take headshots, rent a studio, and do longer photoshoot sessions, it will cost more because he will have to cover the expenses and make a profit as well.

Studio Headshot

Outdoor/Natural Lighting Headshot

The price range for an outdoor headshot is $250- $600 or more. Great headshots can be taken in any place as long as you can portray the message with expertise. So, it will depend on the location, the photographer's travel expenses with equipment (If they need to), and the time length.

Natural Lighting Headshot

Actor Headshots

Actor headshots need to be taken with expertise. When a casting director goes through the selection process, they first see the actor’s headshot so it is their calling card for an audition. It needs to show how they look in real life and who they are as an actor. At the same time, it needs to be catchy enough to make the director remember her for roles. So, they are expensive. You can get good actor headshots from $200-$600 but if you want to hire an expert, you need to spend up to $1500 or more.

Actor Headshots

Entrepreneur/Corporate/Business Headshots

The price range for this type of headshot is $500-$1500 or more. Why? It has to be taken in the office to portray your personal brand and portray your brand’s message with expression. So, the photographers have to take their equipment to your office and set it up. They also charge for licensing the image for your profile, company website, business cards, etc.

Corporate Headshots

Photographers Also Charge for Headshot Retouching

Headshots may look simple but they need final touch to look Flawless. After taking the images, the photographers need to spend time selecting the images. Upon selecting a good image, they place it in Photoshop and check for flaws or distractions in the image.

  • They fix the lighting and soften the shadows.
  • Remove stray hair, eye bags & wrinkles from the face.
  • Whiten the teeth.
  • Reshape the face but keep the realistic features.
  • Make the skin soft and glowing.
  • Soften the skin and retouch the makeup as well.

So, headshot retouching is quite a time-consuming job, right? So, they charge $10-$50 dollars to retouch the headshots perfectly with a realistic look.


Headshot photography is a bit expensive but it is something we all need to represent ourselves or our brand. So, hire a professional headshot photographer wisely to get the most out of your hard-earned money. Research the photographer, and ask photographer’s portfolio. If they have variety in their portfolio consider hiring them.

Passport photos also represent your identity. If you are interested in knowing the appropriate way to take passport images, read this article: Can You Wear Jewelry In Passport Photo?


How Much do Artificial Intelligence headshot images cost?
Artificial Intelligence Headshot images are cheaper. They range from $20-$100 because they are really easy to make. However, I will recommend you not to use it because anyone with little experience will be able to understand the images are made with Artificial Intelligence. They also look unrealistic.
Is insurance important for headshot photography?
It is important. Any good professional headshot photographer should have insurance for their safety and customers' safety because anything can happen on set. If you see that any headshot photographer has insurance like business insurance or liability insurance, you can consider them a professional photographer.
What do I need to focus on while taking headshot photos?
You need to focus on the customer’s face and shoulder. Make sure they are relaxed and the shoulder looks soft. Make them smile from the heart. Avoid double chin and try to make their jawline out.
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