How to Pose for Feet Pictures and Take it to Make Big Money

How to Pose for Feet Pictures

Want to earn extra cash by selling your feet pictures? You can and you do not even need to have photography experience. At the same time, you will not have to spend money on buying equipment either. You just need to take care of your feet, have patience, do research on how to take feet pics, show your own creativity and uniqueness in the photo, and hurray! You will be able to make a sale.

If you are thinking about how much you can earn from selling foot pics, people literally pay thousands of cash for seeing beautiful and dirty feet photos. You just need to learn different poses to keep variations in images to stand out in the competition.

So, we have written this article to show you how to pose for feet pictures and how to photograph them. Keep reading.

How to Pose for Feet Pictures | 12 Ideas

Your good feet pics will determine your popularity and how much you can price them online. So, let’s see some easy and innovative feet pic ideas to stand out from everyone else.

Lift Your Feet in the Air

Let’s start with one of the popular feet ideas. For this pose, lie down and put your legs up. You can cross them or bend one knee and keep one leg up or point toes. To show sexiness, you can try caressing your feet. You can try this pose both indoors and outdoors in different situations with different props. For example, while lying on a sofa putting your feet up with high heels, or putting your feet up on the sea beach or in a field.

Lift Your Feet in the Air

Take Feet Photos on Bed

For capturing classic shots to tell a story and create a sexy vibe, a bed is the best place. You can play with the sheets, pose around the bed, and use props to create a scenario. For example, you wore sexy stockings that were torn in places, rumbled the sheets, and took a photo posing with a bit tired feet. It will tell a story with a sexy vibe. You can also try other feet poses like peeking your toes from the sheets. Dangling your feet off the bed, pose like you are getting off the bed or showing the soles only with a blurry background but take the images keeping the feet in focus.

Take Feet Photos on Bed

High Heels and Stockings

Did you know the high heels and stockings combination works like magic for people who have a foot fetish? Try to use sheer stockings or designed see-through stockings to get the best feet pics. However, if you can not afford them, just use regular stockings for taking images.

For using heels with stockings, try to use a variety of heels like high heels, small heels, butterfly high heels, boots, unique heels, or anything you like that will make the feet image attractive and catchy. However, make sure that the stocking's color and the heel's color mingle well together and highlight each other. Note: If the buyer instructs you to use specific stockings and high heels or tells you not to reuse them for other photos, charge them for that. Do not use your money even if you are a beginner.

High Heels and Stockings

Use Nail Polish

Another way of taking attractive picture of your feet is using nail paint. You can use both soft color nail polish and vibrant color nail polish. For soft colors- use light yellow, white, and pink. For vibrant colors- use blue, green, and purple. One of my feet pic tips will be that try to keep the light color of nail paint on most of the time because clients mostly order pictures with soft color nail paints. However, you can use vibrant colors too because there are every type of customer online. Now, how to take pictures of your feet with nail polish? You can take it on water, bed, sofa, on a beach, or in any other setting. Try different poses and angles to take the images and make them look cute & attractive.

Use Nail Polish

Sexy Feet Postures from Different Angles

For this pose, the sky is the limit. You can try and do any sexy poses with your feet in the image. Have you seen movies where a heroine touches the hero's feet sexily under the dining table? You can recreate that pose alone. Just lay down, and start moving your one foot over the other upward. Also, try other poses like touching your feet with your hands, or playing with sand or whipped cream with your feet.

Sexy Feet Postures

Beach, Sand, Water

You can capture beautiful feet pics anywhere but nothing can beat the combination of beach, sand, and water. It is also quite popular with customers. There you can capture images that will make the buyers feel like they are living the moment with you. The sunlight and soft shadows add rawness which makes the feet pic look like it is alive. Now, how to pose for feet pics on the sea beach? You can play with the sand by putting them on your feet with your hands. Run in the water and capture the moment. Walk toward the water and capture the picture from behind showing sand on your sole indicating you are enjoying the view and walking towards the water. You can also take pictures from above when the sea water runs over your feet.


Play in the Bathtub and Pool Water

To take images in the bathtub and pool water, you can use different props like party props, dried flowers, etc. You can also just capture your feet soaking in the water from different angles such as coming out of the bathtub or swimming pool, or resting your feet crossed in the bathtub, etc. You can follow these foot pics examples.

Play in the Bathtub

Graden, Greenery, and park

To create outdoor soft feet pics in nature, find a nice well-lit area in the park. Capture images of walking on the grass, sitting on a tree, climbing it, or playing with flowers. For variation, you can create scenarios like sitting on picnic blankets and surrounding you is food and other things or reading books crossing your feet.

Note: Remember to soften the shadows by editing.


Golden Hour

If you want to create a romantic vibe or tell a journey with your feet photos, take images on Golden Hour. The atmosphere becomes warmer because the sun appears yellow, orange, and red. So, take the images one hour before the sunrise or one hour before the sunset to get the golden hue effect. You can do it on the beach, hill, beside the window, in bed, or in your garden.

What is the best way to take feet pics in golden hour? You can create scenarios like walking in the garden or field keeping the feet and grass in focus with things blurry in the distance or walking in the water while the orange light is reflecting or taking your soles image.

Golden Hour

Eye-catching Temporary Tattoos and designs on Feet

Try making beautiful designs with temporary tattoos on your feet to bring variety to images. You can take close-up shots of your feet, capture the process of making tattoos, or take it when the light is falling on the feet with soft shadows on the side.

Eye-catching Temporary Tattoos

Wrinkly Soles

You read it correctly. There are many customers who order wrinkly soles or soles of the feet pictures in general but how to take them? Point the light directly on your soles. Bend your toes down and you will get wrinkly sole images. You can also stick out your big toe while pushing the rest of the toes to the side or bend all toes at the same time.

Dirty Feet Pics

As much as it sounds gross, dirty feet pics are a trend online and they sell at a high price. You have to do the poses outdoors. Walk in the mud or near the beach sand, or while taking steps so it will look like you are walking leisurely and enjoying nature just show your feet soles dirty. Take the images from the back with a larger area to give the customers a proper view of the place.

Dirty Feet Pics

Important Tips on How to Take Feet Pics Like a Pro

We have talked about what sort of feet poses you can do to attract customers. Now, let’s talk about how you can capture the feet images flawlessly.

1. Research Feet Photo Sellers

Since you are posting on popular feet photo platforms, there will be competitors who will have more customers and followers than you. Research them. See what type of images they are posting and what posts are getting the most likes. Take inspiration from them but do not copy them. Take images in your way to highlight your profile.

2. Take Care of Your Feet All the Time

You are selling your feet pics so your feet are your product. So, pamper it all the time.

  • Keep them moisturized. Use lotions, vaseline, or other foot products that are exclusively made for foot moisturization.
  • Always pedicure your feet. Pedicures remove dead skin, soften the feet, and add glamour.
  • Use an exfoliating scrub and foot file. Exfoliate your feet once a week to make the skin softer and use a foot file to remove dead skin. However, if you do pedicure then don’t use a foot file.
  • Regularly trim your toes and paint them. Trimming your toes will make them look perfectly maintained, polished, and neat. However, avoid cutting nails too short because it will be painful for you, and the feet pics will turn bad. Also, keep the toes painted for beautification.

3. Use Both Natural Lighting and Artificial Lighting

If you are taking images indoors and at night time, you can use lamp light since you only need to capture the feet. Just make sure the light is falling directly on the feet. On the other hand, if you are using natural lighting, take it when the light is bright or take it on the golden hour. I recommend taking feet images in natural lighting because they look raw and provide a natural vibe to the image.

4. Use Different Props, accessories, and locations for variations

If you keep on posting the same type of images, your customers will get tired and leave. So, always try new ideas. Take images with different feet accessories and props like flowers, stones, feathers, etc. Try different types of feet poses. Also, use both indoor and different outdoor locations for variation like sea beaches, mountains, resorts, etc.

5. Understand Your Client Instructions Clearly

You may post feet photos for fun or to attract customers on social media. But After seeing your feet photo collection, the customers will order pictures with specific instructions. You need to follow those instructions accordingly. So, listen/read them carefully, if something makes you feel uncomfortable, make modifications or reject the order. However, deliver the best feet pics.

6. Take Your Time Perfecting Feet Images

Many people think that since I always take care of my feet and the picture also turned out really good, I will skip the retouching and deliver it to the customers instantly. However, do not make that mistake. Every image needs a final touch to remove its flaws.

  • Remove distractions. In the feet images, anything in the frame or background may create distractions for the customer or may reduce the beauty of the image. So, edit them and retouch the place.
  • Soften the shadows. Both natural light and studio light can create harsh shadows around the subject. So, retouch the shadows and try to make them as natural as possible.
  • Fix the reflection. If you are using feet jewelry for pics, the lighting may reflect on it and change its color in places. So, carefully look through the photo and retouch the jewelry with its realistic features.
  • Most importantly, retouch the skin. Remove any wrinkles or marks on the feet. Soften the skin and add a natural glow. Provide natural skin color and make the skin color even everywhere.

Ensure the feet pic looks flawless before sending it to the client. A high-quality feet image will bring more cash and customers.

Follow These Things to Avoid Scammers & Make More Profit

  • Charge them for the props. When a customer requests you to take images with expensive designer stockings or heels or use different things for feet pics, do not make a mistake and buy them with your money.
  • If the customer says that you can not reuse the image or use the props/accessories, charge them for that too. Because if you could take more images with those props, you could have earned money from it.
  • Start to Pay First policy. Often many customers receive the feet images but do not pay for them later. It is your hard-earned money. So, do not be considerate and think that they will pay it eventually. In business time, be strict. First, take the payment then deliver the images.
  • Use your ID name's watermark in every picture. People may like your feet pic and share it on their profile but if you do not have the watermark, they will not know the image belonged to you hence no credit. So, in order to avoid attaching watermarks to pictures the people who will see the shared picture will eventually come to your profile and can become one of your regular customers as well.


The best thing about foot pic selling is that you don't have to show your face if you do not want to. So, you can try and sell your feet pics to earn extra cash with just a little effort.

And if you think that your feet do not look appealing or people may criticize your feet, just search “Feet Pics” on Google you will see there are every type of feet photos and there are customers for every type of foot. So, start selling your feet pics online, and if are already selling and are here for ideas, hope the poses will help you enhance your sales.

Last but not least, if you need a hand in perfecting your feet pics with affordable retouching prices, Take our beauty editing services. Our beauty retouchers retouch every image flawlessly with high quality.


What is the best platform for selling feet pictures?
Feet Finder. The platform takes a small commission and the settings are easy to use. Here, you will be able to earn money quickly with your feet pics.
What makes a good foot pic?
Everything. You can capture your feet in different poses and angles. You can shoot your your toes, soles, feet, and legs with variation.
How do I take feet selfies like a professional?
The popular idea is- to keep your feet together and take the photo from the top. You can do it on grass, or home, or anywhere. You can also take selfies of your toes. However, you can it to create dramatic scenes as well. For example, Keeping the feet and front scenario in focus, take the image. It will show where you are.
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