Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photoshoot: Portray Women’s Power

Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photoshoot

All of us have our own insecurities that we do not want to show to people in fear of getting judged. We also have a hard time accepting ourselves because of man-made beauty standards. However, many women are coming out now to tell their stories and portray self-love by doing a Valentine’s boudoir photoshoot.

So, as a photographer, you need to make them feel comfortable, style them with gorgeous clothes, and tell their stories to celebrate THEIR beauty. So, without further ado, let’s see how you can do a Valentine’s Day boudoir photoshoot magnificently & artistically to portray women’s inner beauty.

Why Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photoshoot Important

  • You see the beauty within yourself. No matter what people say, we all have flaws. Even the people who judge you have flaws. Have you heard of BTS’s Mic Drop? Kim Namjoon says, Haters gonna hate, players gonna play, live a life man. So why not care and accept yourself as you are? Recognize your reflection, and leave your insecurities, fears, and disbeliefs away.
  • It challenges your comfort zone. Once you can come out of your comfort zone, you will be able to grow. You will be able to explore new things and make new friends without fear of being judged.
  • Celebrate your self-empowerment by gifting yourself boudoir photos. Just as you find yourself while shooting, you get to keep that new self forever with the pictures. So, do something for yourself that makes you happy and uplifts your self-esteem every day.

Things to Do for Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photoshoot

Though boudoir photography looks hard, you can actually take the images with just some simple equipment. Take multiple images, play with the camera, and props to get the perfect shot, and edit the pictures afterward to make them flawless.

Take Inspiration From Pinterest & Google

If you do not have ideas present at the moment, search for Valentine's boudoir ideas on Pinterest and Google. They have many types of image samples that you can collect ideas from.

Search for the image style you want to follow. Find similar types of images. For example, if you want your clients to pose looking away from the camera in bed with balloons, look for photos like that. If you click on an image you like, it will provide you with similar suggestions. Hence, finding images will be easier. However, do not directly copy the images. Place the selected images in a separate file and try to create your own story by using the images.

Take Inspiration From Pinterest & Google

Plan Your Photoshoot

After selecting the images, take notes for yourself to have an easy time during the photoshoot. You are not going to try one style of boudoir valentine photography right? So, use one note, place the images based on the different styles you are going to try, and write notes on how you want to take them.

  • camera settings you are going to use
  • equipment position
  • props
  • message you want to convey

A photo session takes a long time. You may get tired and forget some points you want to add to your image. So, the notes will help you follow the plan properly during the photoshoot.

Note: Make plans at least 1 week prior to not rush the night before the shoot. At any time, if any image ideas pop up, take notes of them on your phone or in your notebook. You will be able to utilize them later.

Choose the Location, and Props by Consulting

Consultation plays a very important role in Boudoir photography. You have to plan the photo shoot with your client so that they do not feel left out. Make them feel like they are safe with you.

  • Listen to what sort of story they want to portray.
  • Their dress preference for the photography. For example, if they want to wear a nightgown, pajamas, only a shirt with lingerie, or sheet, etc.
  • Talk to them first, if you want to use props like wine, champagne, or cigarettes. If they are uncomfortable, don’t use it.
  • Any location can be used for a Valentine's Day boudoir shoot. However, if the model feels uncomfortable in the studio, propose her house for a photoshoot. Also, if she wants to use a bed, couch, swimming pool, or wall for photography, take suggestions from her. Modify the plan according to her suggestions.

Note: Do not sweat over the location and props because anything and everything can be used for Valentine’s boudoir shoot. They are easily available in houses.

Boudoir Photography Lighting & Camera Settings

For a Valentine's Day boudoir photo session, taking low-key soft light photos is the best. To create that prepare one small softbox and one large softbox. Place the larger softbox closure to the setting and place the smaller softbox behind to create soft light.

Also, if you want to create a sunlight effect with studio lighting, place the smaller softbox closer to the model. Light the larger softbox towards the ceiling to light up the background and bounce the light in the whole room.

Note: Soft light creates a romantic feeling and provides a perfect soft effect in the image hence best for valentines day photos.

Boudoir Photography Lighting & Camera Settings

For Valentine boudoir, use a 50 mm lens. Because depending on the aperture you can show your creativity. How? Keeping the aperture low will help you lead the audience’s eyes to your desired area. Use f/1.8-f.4 to focus on the subject and blur out the background. It will also help you blur any area you want to cover.

Make Your Client Comfortable

Many people have a hard time opening up in boudoir valentine photography. Though they want to do their best in front of a camera, it takes work to pose before some stranger. So, you need to calm them down first and take things slowly. For example, tell them to do any pose they want to try then guide them slowly toward the style of photos you want to take. If you give them enough time to loosen up, they will automatically open up and you will be able to capture their inner self.

Photography Style

Any style you use, remember you are highlighting their story through the photography. Anybody who sees the photos should be able to feel the self-love and empowerment from the photos.

Looking off the Camera

Making your clients look away from the camera is a great strategy to calm them down fast. At the same time, it creates questions in the audience’s mind about what is she thinking when she is not looking at the camera. Where is she looking at, Did something happen to her, Is she trying to tell me something, etc.? The audience would want to analyze and try to think of every possible scenario to dissect the image. Also, looking away from the camera makes the photos more sensual. They tell a story and keep the ending open-ended.

Looking off the Camera

Red Satin Sheet, Lingerie, Black Thigh High

If you truly want to experiment with Valentine boudoir photography to see your inner self, try to take photos with these elements. You will be able to gain confidence.

As it is for Valentines', I suggest a red satin sheet. You can also use any color sheet you want, it will look just as attractive. Play with the sheet in the bed. Let some part of your body peak out, wrap the sheet around with yourself, and if you want to spice up your image, add lingerie or black thigh-high. They look sexy on their own but when being naked and just wrapping the upper body around the sheet, the pictures turn insanely hot and sensual. They tell the story of a confident woman who is not afraid of being judged.

Note: If you do not like showing too much skin, you can just take photos with dresses or anything you like.

Red Satin Sheet, Lingerie, Black Thigh High

Look Directly in the Camera

Another way of taking boudoir photos is by making the model directly address the audience. When the client becomes comfortable, try this style. By looking at the audience, they pass on some secret messages. They do not talk but tell their messages with eyes, body gestures, and expressions.

You can use props and tell your clients to make poses to tell the messages they want to convey to themselves. For example, by body gestures, they are trying to say, who needs a partner when I have myself.

Look Directly in the Camera

Make Your Photos Flawless

A flawless photo can help make your client even more confident in their life. So, remember to retouch any flaws in the photo.

  • If the background looks distracting, remove it.
  • If any props look distracting, edit them but make sure it does not affect the image.
  • If there is any dirt, marks, or any issue with the clothes, fix them and make them look perfect.
  • Check for lighting correction to make clothing color accurate.
  • Last but not least, Retouch the skin. Remove stray hairs, wrinkles, and blemishes, and soften the skin. However, do not retouch too much that the client loses her natural facial and looks like someone else.


While sending the clients the photos, send a card written: “You are Beautiful”. Believe me, it will make them smile. Also, tell them to send the images to their loved ones to show their new self.

Lastly, if you need a professional hand in perfecting your beauty images, contact our model retouching service. We are always ready to provide our clients with perfect realistic images.

Some More Valentine's Day Boudoir Photography Ideas

I have told you about three Valentine boudoir styles in this article. However, there are more styles you can use to make your boudoir photos unique and different from others. Here are the suggestions:

Valentine's Day Boudoir Photography 1

Valentine's Day Boudoir Photography 2

Valentine's Day Boudoir Photography 3


Can natural light be used for Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photography?
Yes. Just choose a beautiful sunny day and capture your images. Direct sunlight gives harsh light which can clash with camera settings and affect lighting. So, take the images from the window light. Keeping the curtain in the photos will look stylish as well. Use a reflector to prevent harsh shadows.
What does Boudoir Mean?
“Boudoir” is a French word. It means “Women's private salon or private dressing room. A dressing room is a woman’s own sanctuary where they can have their own privacy and show their real face.
What age people can do Boudoir photoshoots?
From 20-60, both males and females can do boudoir photoshoots to show their courageous and strong side.
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