How to Export Slices in Photoshop (Separate & Multiple)

How to Export Slices in Photoshop

Suppose you have a large image file and there’s a specific part you need to save. How do you cut and export it without damaging the other areas? Using Crop Tool or Lesso Tool? Since you are here already, let me tell you an amazing way. If you want to slice image in Photoshop into smaller files and can export any divided parts, use the Slice Tool. I will tell you two ways how to export slices in Photoshop and save separate and multiple sections together.

Where Is The Slice Tool in Photoshop?

You can not directly find the slice tool in the toolbar to make basic photo edits. Right-click on the Crop Tool and choose the Slice tool from the appeared options. You can also use the shortcut key ‘C’ and the Slice tool will be automatically selected.

Where Is The Slice Tool in Photoshop

How to Export Slices in Photoshop: Easiest Method

Many people do not know about the slicing Photoshop tool. However, it is a handy tool for slicing up images in various shapes. Let’s see two ways to export slice in Photoshop.

How to Slice Images in Photoshop: 2 Ways

First, let’s see the image-dividing process using the slice tool. However, in both processes make sure you duplicate a layer to keep the original file safe.

1. Manually Slicing

Choose the Slice Tool. Go to Style, click on the arrow, and choose ‘Normal’ from the options.

Manually Slicing

Draw your crop on the section you want to slice. The manually sliced part is tagged with blue and the rest of the image will be filled with grey auto-generated slices. Depending on the image size, the auto-generated slices will be created like 3,4,5, etc. Also, if you zoom in and check, you can see that all the slices are numbered. If you know how much you want to edit jewelry photos, try this method. You can manually crop any part however you like and export it.

Manually Slicing 2

2. Divide in Layers

If your artwork is in different layers, you can slice up the sections based on layers.

  • Go to the layers panel- Select the layer you want to slice in Photoshop- Select Layer from Menubar> New Layer based Slice- Your selected layer will be sliced.
  • How to understand if the layer has sliced up or not? If you see the blue line appear on the layer, you are good to go.
  • If there are more layers you want to divide, follow the same method.

Divide in Layers

How to Save Slices in Photoshop

Are you done slicing in Photoshop? Then it is time to save/export slices in Photoshop. You can save the slices separately or multiple parts at once.

How to Photoshop Save Slices as Separate Images

Click File > Export > Save for Web.

How to Photoshop Save Slices as Separate Images

A Save for Web Box will appear. The image slice will appear highlighted. If you want to export the highlighted section. Click Save.

How to Photoshop Save Slices as Separate Images-2

Another box will pop up named Save Optimized As. Write the File Name. Set the Format to “Images Only” and Slices to “All User Slices”. Click Save.

How to Photoshop Save Slices as Separate Images-3

The exported image will be saved to a folder. When you double-click it, You will find a separate image.

How to Photoshop Save Slices as Separate Images-4

How to Export Multiple Slices at Once

Choose File > Export > Save for Web. The Save for Web box will appear. First, click on one slice. Then click & hold Shift + click on the slices you want to export. All the selected slices will be highlighted. Click Save.

How to Export Multiple Slices at Once

Write the file name like "Exported Images", Format- Images Only, and Slices- Selected Slices. Click “Save” and all the selected slices will be saved in a file format.

How to Export Multiple Slices at Once 2


Were you able to slice and export images with our how to export slices in Photoshop tutorial? It was easy, right? Whether you are a product, headshot, jewelry, or any other niche photographer, slicing images in Photoshop will always help you reduce file size and save specific parts you need. You can also send the cropped file to clients as a sample. Thus, practice slicing images with the slice tool and you can soon remember the process without looking at the tutorial.

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How can I slice an image with a Fixed Aspect Ratio?
Simple. Select the Slice tool from the Toolbar. Go to style and choose Fixed aspect ratio. Choose a ratio like Width: 3 and height: 4. Draw slices and all slices will be based on the ratio.

Can I slice the image fixing the size?
Yes. Choose the slice tool. Go to Style and choose Fixed Size. Select width and height ratio like both 2500px. Now, click anywhere in the image and slices will be made following the ratio.

How can I divide the image horizontally and vertically in the same ratio?
Select the Slice tool. Right-click on the image. Choose Divide slice. Check mark divide horizontally into and divide vertically into, and enter the number of slices you want like 3 vertical & 3 horizontal. Click "OK". The image will be divided evenly.
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