15 Jewelry Marketing Ideas with Photography & Editing Tips

Jewelry Marketing Ideas

Every day new jewelry stores are opening and competition is growing in the market. Thus, you need proper digital marketing strategies to promote your jewelry business online and offline. There are many effective ways to promote your business such as using a display outside of your store, creating an SEO-friendly aesthetic website, and many more to aware customers of your brand and increase jewelry sales both online and offline.

So, to help you increase brand awareness, we have compiled 15 useful jewelry marketing ideas along with photography and post-processing ideas. So, read our article to learn how to photograph, retouch, and market jewelry to attract target customers and boost your sales.

Jewelry Marketing Ideas- Why Need & How to Boost Your Online Sell

Implement online and offline jewelry advertising ideas to ensure your brand's success. However, first, let’s explore why jewelry marketing is important.

Why Marketing for Jewelry Business?

By marketing jewelry with high-quality product photo editing, people will know what kind of jewelry you are selling, the details, and why they should buy jewelry from you. So, using online and offline strategies, you are telling your customers about your brand. By marketing jewelry, you can

  1. Build brand identity. 
  2. Enrich customers in a wider range. 
  3. Build a brand presence on social media platforms. 
  4. Increase conversion rate with stunning images and content. 
  5. Get real-time reviews to improve your services and build trust. 
  6. Become known locally and globally. 
  7. Increase jewelry sales both online and offline.

Online Jewelry Advertising Ideas to Enhance Sales

Solid digital marketing strategies ensure your jewelry business thrives online and people can find you easily. So, check out these amazing online marketing ideas to get the success you desire

Fully functional Brand Website: To build a trustful relationship with your potential customers, you need to have a website that represents your brand. Why? Nowadays people search online before making a purchase or visiting a jewelry store. Thus, your website will portray your brand image and showcase what type of jewelry products you are selling. So, you need to create a visually appealing and fully functional website that portrays your jewelry brand and provides the audience with the best experience ever, ensuring their conversion.

Also, your website needs to be easily navigated. For example, you can research and see what type of things audiences are searching for and design your website to answer those queries. This way, it will keep the audience engaged and guide them to take action.

Thus, while designing and developing your website you need to keep these things in mind, It needs to be creative, visually pleasing, easily navigated, and fully functioning to ensure potential customers' satisfying journey.

Fully functional Brand Website

 Local & Global SEO for Better Ranking: If you want to ensure your visibility in search engines, practicing search engine optimization (SEO) in your digital marketing strategy is a must. Using SEO best practices ensures you get found by your target audience quickly, increasing sales.

For global SEO, you need to research relevant keywords and use those creatively in your website content so that when a searcher searches with those keywords, your website pops up on the first page of the search engine ensuring potential customers find your jewelry brand. It will help you enrich more customers worldwide and expand your jewelry business.

Many jewelry business owners do not practice local SEO however, it is just as important as Global SEO. While global SEO will popularize you worldwide, local SEO will popularize you in your local area. For example, when a searcher searches for the best plumber, Google will check their local algorithm and send them ranking shops as suggestions. So, to rank your brand locally, you need to create a “My Google Business Profile” and write SEO-friendly content by researching local keywords. You also need to ensure the location, number, and address are correctly provided and the links, and citations are properly working. Always update your Google business profile with content and images to keep your audiences updated, rank online, and increase revenue.

Captivating Images and Content: Did you know images also help you rank in search engines? When you search for something and click on the images in Google, you will see the images that are ranked. The reason I am saying this is that you need to use creative and authentic jewelry images for your website to rank online and stand out from your competitors. So, take images, edit jewelry image flaws, use relevant keywords as names, and upload them to your website. If the search engine recognizes your image as relevant and authentic, your image will rank.

Your website content and jewelry information is also very important to build trust and rank online. There was a time when the website did not need to be content oriented but now you need to provide as much relevant information as possible. The content needs to be SEO-friendly and needs to answer searchers' queries. Thus, research keywords and implement those in your content and jewelry product pages to rank and enrich as many potential customers as possible.

So, ensuring high-quality images and content will help you get recognized by both search engines and target audiences and ensure your ranking in the top 10.

Influencer Marketing: Using influencer marketing for advertising jewelry is very beneficial as everyone follows popular influencers. So, you can research popular influencers online to promote jewelry. You can also partner with popular dress sellers as they can sell their clothes wearing your jewelry. It will give the customers a real-time idea of how they can wear the jewelry and how it looks on the person. So, hire an influencer and tell them to portray your business's uniqueness and pin your website information and link in the comment section.

Email Marketing: Do you get emails where brands update you about their new arrivals and special promotions? It is called email marketing.

Email marketing is a great way to communicate and provide value to your customers on a personal level. So, use this strategy advertisement for jewelry. Send captivating emails regarding jewelry products. For example, you can write the unique point of jewelry and invite customers to check them out. Remember to leave a link in the email so that they can easily visit your website and make a purchase.

The emails will also remind them about your brand and product and encourage them to make a purchase again. however, do not send emails frequently. It may annoy the customers resulting in unsubscribing or turning off email notifications. Send one email a day or five days but ensure it is relevant and captivating and create a great impression on your potential customers.

Real-time Online Reviews: When it comes to jewelry marketing, nothing can beat real-time online reviews. Often customers hesitate to buy from an unknown jewelry store but if you can provide customer reviews on your website and Google business profile, you can gain their trust and assure them to buy jewelry products from you.

Thus, encourage your customers to leave a review of your products. You can request them to write a review or create a questionnaire and ask them to fill out the form. Keep it simple and relevant so that it does not take much time also you get the answers you need.

Also, ask for suggestions about the areas of improvement so that you can fix them and improve customer experience.

Google Ads for Jewelry Marketing: Pay-per-click is one of the fantastic jewelry marketing ideas to increase jewelry sales instantly. Though it is costly, I highly recommend using this idea for jewelry advertising. How do Google Ads work? You create an eye-catching video including information, name, and link. Ensure put some unique details about jewelry products that catch audiences' attention and ensure they click on the link. The link will take them directly to your website.

Since you will be charged based on per click. You need to play it smartly. Do keyword research and run ads with keywords. It needs to be accurate so that when the searchers search, your ad pops up at the top. Also, check when the potential customers click the most and choose the time, location, device, and language to get the most visitors and enhance sales.

Social Media Platforms: Social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are great places for jewelry campaigns. You can use them in various ways for jewelry advertising. Research your competitors and see what type of content they are publishing. While uploading jewelry images, ensure they are flawlessly retouched and look stunning with realistic features. Write captivating captions to catch the audience's attention. Also, do not forget to leave your website link as a call-to-action button.

Social media is a place where you can try anything to promote your jewelry. So, you can also publish fun and humorous content that helps you engage with your audience. Follow the trends and create content that is fun and trendy. You can also do live streams to showcase your jewelry products. While doing live, encourage audiences to comment and engage with them. Tell jewelry details thoroughly and if you can, do the live wearing your jewelry. It will provide them with a real-time view of how they would look.

Facebook Ads for Jewelry: Facebook ads are different from Google ads as they are made with Ad objectives. You can use these ads for brand awareness or direct conversions. So the ad subjects will vary depending on your objective. First, create a Facebook business page and ad account. If you already have it, just add Facebook's retargeting pixel to your website to track your visitors. The retargeting pixels will record visitors' information like location and demographics and suggest ads to them in between videos. When they click on the links, it will take them to your online jewelry.

For Facebook ads, you can choose types and budgets. So, choose jewelry ads wisely and fulfill your objectives.

Hire a Professional Marketing Agency: Does implementing these jewelry marketing ideas seem difficult? If yes, hire a professional marketing agency to do jewelry marketing. Search online for professional marketers, check the website details, and ask for a consultation. They will research your niche and implement jewelry promotion ideas from above to promote your jewelry brand creatively.

Most marketing agencies work in packages like three-month, six-month, or more as ranking takes time. However, search engines are like math, you can see your jewelry brand progress and promised results within the deadline. Thus, partner with a marketing agency you feel comfortable with, provide them with necessary information, and perfectly retouched jewelry images, and leave the ranking in search engines and social media to marketing experts.

Offline Jewelry Advertising Ideas to Increase Jewelry Store Sales

The online jewelry marketing approach and offline jewelry marketing approach are different. In online marketing, you attract potential customers' attention with ranking, however, in offline marketing, you capture customers’ attention with eye-catching jewelry images and catchy content.

So, without further ado, let’s see some offline jewelry promotion ideas that make the audience stop and enter your jewelry store for more information.

Put Your Jewelry on Display: Advertising outdoor display is a great place to promote your jewelry products and increase sales. Everyone loves looking and wearing beautiful jewelry and if it is on a display, it looks even more alluring. So, take jewelry photos creatively and make videos portraying your jewelry specialty. Provide necessary information like carrot size alongside the jewelry picture, however, the image should be in focus. You can also use it to notify people of special promotions, sales, and latest product arrivals.

Outdoor displays can be seen from a 50-meter distance with a 1700 viewing angle thus it can be seen from close to a long distance. It will do a 24-hour jewelry promotion hassle-free.

Billboards and Flyers: How to advertise jewelry through billboards and flyers? Though these methods have been used for a long time, it is a great way to captivate passersby and commuters. It is proven jewelers can make sales by using billboards and flyers ads.

Here’s how you can use them for advertising jewelry- Every jewelry brand has uniqueness, so show yours and convince people why they should buy the jewelry from you and not the other brands. Use the best-selling picture of your jewelry and write captivating content highlighting your brand's uniqueness. Use beautiful slogans that live in commuters' minds rent-free. You can take jewelry pictures with various props and models. Portray your brand personality in Billboards and flyers in a mesmerizing way that people feel the urge to visit your jewelry store and see the piece of jewelry themselves.

Billboards and Flyers

Fairs, Shows, and Events: Participate in popular fairs, shows, and events. People love to attend events and it is a great way to showcase your jewelry as they can see your jewelry collection in person and judge the quality.

When participating in these events, provide discounts and offers like buy 2 get 1 free or 20% discount on selected jewelry products. The reason is people may pass by if there is no discount but if there is a discount or offer, people will stop and look at the jewelry as not everyone can buy jewelry at regular prices. Also, when they find the jewelry quality top-notch, they will visit your website and store to buy more products from you. Thus, it is a great way to put jewelry products in front of potential customers and make sales.

Create Business Cards: Business cards are not only a personal form of marketing but also show the professionalism you have for your brand. You can hand over the business cards to clients and customers to remember your jewelry store and further purchases.

Design a logo that represents your jewelry brand, also add your brand name, website name, and contact information so that your customers can find your brand's contact information in one place within seconds and contact you for more purchases.

Always keep some business cards in hand so that when a customer asks for them, you can immediately provide them. It is an affordable advertisement for jewelry that makes you look professional, provides legitimacy to your brand, and creates a great impression in front of others.

Referral Programs to Increase Loyalty: A business referral program is a powerful word-of-mouth marketing. When customers like the services and jewelry you provide, they recommend you to their trustworthy friends or companies increasing repeat sales and building new connections. So, be kind and engaging with your customers so that they can buy jewelry products comfortably, return for more purchases, and make referrals to other people.

Photography Tips for Jewelry Promotions

We have talked about jewelry promotion ideas that will help you stand out in the competition and make sales but how to photograph jewelry to capture potential customers' minds. Here’s how:

Choose Lighting and Set the Table: You can use both natural lighting and studio lighting for jewelry photography. If you want to use natural lighting, do not use direct sunlight. Choose a nicely lit window and place the jewelry 90-degree angle in a suitable place. You can take the images on the floor, bed, or table. However, if you want to use artificial lighting, you can do it anytime. Choose a room, place a table, place two soft lights beside the table to well-lit the jewelry, and use a reflector to prevent harsh shadows.

Choose Lighting and Set the Table

Set Camera Settings: Jewelry is a product but the camera settings used for jewelry photography are very different.

  • Use a 50mm macro lens or 90mm macro lens with a 1:1 ratio to photograph jewelry. you can also use a normal lens but macro lenses capture the smallest details so it is the best choice, if you want to capture unique features of jewelry.
  • Keep the ISO as low as possible like 100 or 200 to capture noiseless and sharp images.
  • Aperture plays a very important role in taking stunning jewelry images. So, set the aperture to F/9/10/11 to capture a detailed jewelry picture keeping the surroundings in focus. If you want to take a close shot, set it to F/5/6 or less. Take two or three practice shots to understand which aperture settings work best for you the best.
  • Set the shutter speed to 1/180 sec or 1/200 to freeze the moment and capture a sharp image.

Clean the Jewelry and Camera: Before the jewelry photo session, you need to clean the dust, dirt, and fingerprints from the jewelry and camera, as the macro lens can capture the smallest details of the jewelry. Cleaning them beforehand will make your life easier during basic photo editing in Photoshop.

You can clean jewelry with microfiber clothes. It is a high-quality chemical-free cloth that does not damage the delicate gems of the jewelry. Also, wear cotton gloves during the photo session so you do not get fingerprints while moving around.

You also need to clean the camera lens with microfiber to not damage the lens. So clean the camera lens carefully to remove the dust, dirt, or fingerprints that may get captured in the photos.

 Clean the Jewelry and Camera

Capture the Perfect Image: If you are done choosing the lighting, setting the table, setting camera settings, and cleaning the camera and jewelry, it is time to take the image. You can take studio-quality jewelry images using different types of props. However, keep the props minimal. The props should enhance the jewelry pieces and elevate their beauty not distracting the audience from the main product.

Also, follow one style. Either go for studio-quality jewelry images or jewelry lifestyle photography. If you follow studio quality, keep the background white and use simple props like earring holders, ghost busts, etc. However, if you follow jewelry lifestyle photography, you can try various colorful backgrounds that match your brand image. Keep the props relevant and minimal like using ribbons, monstera leaf, flowers, jewelry box, etc., and ensure the props and background highlight the jewelry features. Also, if you want to hire a professional jewelry photographer who can portray your jewelry brand uniquely and help you stand out, check out this article to know how much they charge: How Much Jewelry Photographers Charge.

Capture the Perfect Image

Post-production Tips for Jewelry Image Enhancement

After taking the jewelry images, you need to perfect the image and ensure the lighting, shadows, and other features are highlighted realistically.

Lighting: You need to fix the lighting and jewelry color. Because of using a macro lens for jewelry photography, it may be captured flawlessly but the color and shine change. Thus, you need to edit the color and provide its true representation so that customers find the images and real products the same.

Dust, Spots, and Scratches: Check for dirt, dust, spots, and scratches. Zoom in and remove these flaws to make the jewelry image stunning.

Distractions: Remove any distractions. If the ghost busts, any props, or anything in the setting may distract the audience from the jewelry or make the quality bad, remove it. Also, if the background looks distracting, remove the background and place the image on a white background.

Ghost Busts: Remove ghost busts. Removing the ghost bust elevates the quality of the image and provides a vibe like a person is wearing it. Also, it helps the audience visualize wearing the jewelry. However, If you like the jewelry image with ghost busts, keeping it is fine.

Shadows: Naturalize the shadows to increase depth. Do not remove the shadows completely as it may look unrealistic and weird. Rather soften the shadows to make it look realistic and provide depth to the image.

Polish Jewelry: Correct every flaw like lighting, removing distractions, color, shadows, etc, and give it a final check. Check the image thoroughly by zooming in and zooming out. If the jewelry picture looks flawless, you have done a good job polishing it.

Post-production Tips

Hire a Professional Jewelry Retouching Company: If you want to focus on improving your photography skills and do not have time to polish your jewelry images, take Perfect Retouching's jewelry photo retouching services. Our specialized jewelry retouching team has more than 10 years of experience and can do complex retouching in a short time. You do not have to believe my words. Send us an image in a free trial and see the results yourself.

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It’s Pack Up Time

It was a long article, right? If you have made it this far, listen to this. I have explained 15 jewelry marketing ideas however, you do not have to implement all the ideas at once. Read the ideas and start with the one you need the most. For example, if you do not have a website, create an aesthetically pleasing and fully functioning website first, then do search engine optimization (SEO) and follow other ideas. Take baby steps to increase brand popularity but ensure it is effective.


Is customer service a crucial part of marketing jewelry?
Yes. While selling your jewelry, you need to be calm and welcoming so that customers feel safe to talk to you about any query or concern. If they leave your jewelry store with a satisfying purchase, they return for more purchases. It also goes for your website. Ensure visitors can easily navigate the site and make purchases, always provide 24/7 service, and tend to their queries. If you can provide the best customer service both online and offline, customers will not only remember your brand for jewelry but also your best services.
How can guest posts improve the ranking of your jewelry website?
Guest posts are a great way to improve brand awareness and assure search engines that your website is qualitative and authoritative. When you post guest posts on authoritative websites, you acquire strong backlinks. It assures search engines that your website provides valuable content and is trustworthy, resulting in ranking your content on the first page.
How can I set the jewelry prices for my jewelry store?
Research the market and check their pricing. Calculate your cost of producing the jewelry and calculate the profit price. If you have just started the jewelry business, reduce the pricing by considering other jewelry brands' pricing because you need to get known and make some regular customers first. However, if you already have some regular customers, you can set the pricing however you like.
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